Our Mission

We provide top-quality nets to breeders, plant-growers, and construction firms to help save them money in the long run.

Our Story

The relations between the Philippines and China may have notably grown in recent years, but these two countries go way back in history. Dating back from pre-colonial times, the Chinese played a role in the establishment of businesses and trade in the country. In terms of products, China-made goods have been identified as cheaper alternatives for other locally made crafts. But with the lower cost, the quality of goods has deteriorated as well.

Providing durable yet affordable ranging nets for clients to grow stronger and healthier chickens, Philippine Ranging Nets has been trusted by top-breeders and plant growers in the country. Preventing the Filipinos from buying China-made is a cause to help them save money in the long run.

Aside from a strong product line, outstanding customer support service is also being offered. The presence in social media provides informative content about the products along with a fast response to inquiries. Residing in an archipelago is not an issue to avail the products; with nationwide shipping and cash-on-delivery options, our kababayans can make sure that they can have their hands on quality nets.

Preview photo of range net for chickens