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Greenhouse Shade Nets 101 for First-time Plant and Crop Producers

Any good gardener knows that what surrounds him is important when it comes to growing plants. With the sudden plant hobby craze among Pinoys no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are slowly discovering how greenhouse shade nets are the most essential tool in any gardening activity out of all the things around us. It regulates heat, maintains good airflow, and brings a calming effect in the entire greenhouse environment too!

Prepare to learn more things about gardening as we take a look at how greenhouse shade nets do their jobs in the plant and crop production process.

Why use shade nets for plants?

Greenhouse shade nets

Plants can only process up to 2% of the sunlight they get. That’s why greenhouse shade nets are essential to ensure they grow to their best potentials. These nets come in different colors depending on which climate condition your plants need as it bends sunlight and serves as a proper shade that adjusts the heat and intensity your plants receive from it.

Shade nets usually come as knitted poly fabrics that aren’t too heavy and can be easily installed for your greenhouse or nursery. Along with the many types of plants out there in the wild, so will you need to determine which greenhouse shade net is right for your gardening venture as well. The good thing is that these nets are versatile and can be used anywhere from spacious structures to your backyard or terrace. Choose shade nets that are durable and can be used for years like those from Philippine Ranging Nets which are made from top quality materials and proudly Filipino-made.

The versatility of greenhouse shade nets in crop production

Greenhouse shade nets

Agriculture professionals rely on shade nets to cover their greenhouses for long-term protection to crops from external factors like sunlight, wind, heat, and cold. These nets can withstand seasonal changes to ensure that crops grow fully every year with greater yield. 

Rain can also cause a great deal of harm to farm crops and polyethylene shade nets are the only answer for effective protection. They are made of high-density material that can both stabilize ultraviolet rays and take on hard rainfall to prevent damage to crops.

What are the other uses of shade nets?

shade nets construction

Aside from getting a great deal of protection from harsh weather and sunlight, greenhouse shade nets are also easy to use and reuse and don’t decay that quickly. You get your money’s worth as they are easy to install, wash, and relocate because of their lightness. 

Shade nets are also ideal for terrace gardening for the many Pinoys who are living in condos with balconies and when properly installed, are not a sight for sore eyes but rather can be very appealing and relaxing. 

Now aside from all the aesthetics and convenience, the main importance of shade nets to plant production and care is how they create the perfect environment for your very fragile plants no matter what level of gardening you’re into.

Shade nets can also be used when you are constructing your greenhouse as they are also commonly used in construction sites to serve as safety nets for falling debris. They are also your best bets for windbreakers, pool covers to filter falling leaves or dirt from above, parking shades, and poultry farming.  

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Happy gardening everyone!

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