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Heat vs. Light: Why Greenhouse Shade Nets are Important

Greenhouse shade nets are currently trending in Philippine agriculture these days. However, this farming technology has long been proven to help vegetable production work via the balance of light and warmth. Every farmer knows the science about how temperatures and lighting are critical to growing plants and veggies but nowadays, even households are very curious as to how they can grow their own green gardens within their urban household. If you are planning to set up a system, learning about the importance of greenhouse shade nets is absolutely the first step.

Bago mauso ang selfie, natutunan muna natin ang ‘photosynthesis’  

greenhouse shade nets are essential as they achieve the right balance of light and warmth to help your plants grow

Speaking of trends, that catchy science term we all learned about in elementary ‘photosynthesis’ is quite similar to how we take selfies. You’ll need the right amount of lighting to get a great image out of a selfie and too much or little of it can make you look either pale or dark. 

The same thing happens with plants and vegetables during photosynthesis. Vegetation needs the right amount of light for growth while too much of it can bring on too much heat that can hamper its process. This is where greenhouse shade nets become essential as they achieve the right balance of light and warmth to help your plants grow and produce.      

To help you familiarize with the benefits of using greenhouse shade nets, here are some basic points you should consider:

Ano ang greenhouse shade nets?

greenhouse shade nets

Have you ever wondered how farmers get that beautifully sized and ripe-colored fruit? That’s made with the proper use of shade nets which makes it clear how you can certainly earn more if you do things properly.

Greenhouse shade nets are high quality knitted nets that are intended to regulate light and warmth for proper plant and animal production. They help farmers and breeders control how much of these two important external factors go into greenhouses or free-range housing areas to get quality produce. 

These shade nets come in different colors, not for flair but to create the right proportion of sunlight and heat for the crops to stimulate plant activity. Lighter shade nets let less light into the greenhouse while providing ample heat rather than green or black-colored shade nets which can trap heat for higher temperatures. This means that light-colored shade nets are more ideal for flowering plants.

On the other hand, you may want to use darker shade nets to get more warmth in from the sun when you are raising free-range chickens as warmer temperatures help them produce more eggs. 

Paano gamitin ang greenhouse shade nets?

Setting up your greenhouse shade nets or a free-range shade area for your farm animals doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. All you need to do is determine the right amount of air circulation and humidity to let your plants and vegetables grow organically and not get fried from the sun’s heat. To achieve that, you’ll need a digital light meter on hand. 

Below are three simple methods you can review so you can make the most out of using your shade nets.

1. External shade netting

Bumili ng malaking shade net na gawa sa plastik para maging silungan ng iyong mga halaman. Maaring gumamit ng clips para sa maayos na pagkabit ng mga shade nets. Siguaduhing lamang na umaabot ang mga laylayan nito sa sahig para makabitan ng mga pabigat.

2. Shade paint

Ang greenhouse shade paint ay madaling gamitin sa labas ng mga bintana ng iyong greenhouse kung kailangan pa ng karagdagang silong para sa iyong mga halaman. Tuwing tag-ulan, tanggalin ang shade paint para hindi manatili ang sobrang init at dilim sa loob ng greenhouse. 

3. Internal shade nets

Gumamit ng shade nets na gawa sa plastik para sa loob ng iyong greenhouse upang makuha ang tamang temperatura sa anumang panahon. Ikabit ang mga ito gamit ang standard clips para sa mga frame at siguraduhing hindi ito basta-basta natatanggal ng malakas na hangin.

Whether used for producing plants and vegetables or in free-ranging, shade nets have always been essential in farming practices. Without them, both plants and animals cannot grow to their full potentials with all the excess light and heat that can adversely affect them.

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