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5 Essentials When Using Construction Net System

You’re probably familiar with the green nets that are usually seen all over buildings that are under construction. These nets are a safety requirement for both workers and passers-by. Especially with high-rise buildings, it is important to follow standard safety protocols since the taller the structure, the greater the risk there is. 

Using a safety net system is not that complicated but there are several factors that you need to consider when doing so. Systems like this ensure that the work area is safe from potential hazards and fall risks. People who are not in the construction industry may wonder what happens to workers who stay at very high places such as roofs and high floors—thanks to the construction net system, people are given more protection.

Construction Net System

Safety nets are essential protective equipment that is installed both horizontally and vertically to lessen the impact and reduce fatal injuries in case an unwanted fall happens. Structures that are under construction pose a huge risk to the construction workers so safety nets are being implemented as a fall arrest system. Although safety nets can catch a falling person, there is still a proper process and best practices to consider when using a safety net. 

Accidents don’t only happen inside a work site. Unfortunately, there are cases where a mere passerby gets injured because of falling debris. Construction debris can be very dangerous to anyone so getting safety equipment like construction nets for your project is crucial. To avoid unwanted accidents, here are 5 essential things to do when using a construction net system:

1. Follow the required distance 

Construction Net System

One cannot just install a safety net wherever they like. This requirement is for measuring the approximate distance that a safety net should be installed from the work area going below. There are required distances for proper construction net system placement. Distance requirements vary from site locations so it is best if you consult with an expert to get a knowledge of the proper construction net system implementation. 

2. Observe proper clearance measurements 

Height clearance is different from distance measurement. With clearances, the area being measured is from the net down to the ground. It is important to know what objects are underneath the safety net so that any harmful objects could be set aside. When a person falls into a safety net, the net will be able to catch him but only partially. A construction net system cannot completely prevent a fall but it is an efficient tool that helps in minimizing damages, extreme injuries, and even death. Safety nets expand towards the direction of the person falling which is downwards so any dangerously hard or sharp objects below should be inspected. Clearance requirements are enforced to ensure that every safety net is indeed safe to fall on. 

3. Only rely on good-quality and properly installed nets

Getting a construction net system with superb quality is really important

Getting a construction net with superb quality is really important. Safety nets are lifelines of workers so it is crucial to use only top-grade construction nets. Acquiring safety equipment from credible companies who have been in the industry for a long while will give you a sense of security since the after-sales service and maintenance are indeed important as well. Before trusting a worker’s life on a safety net, make sure that the installation process is followed correctly. Even if the nets used are of the highest quality, if there are wrong or missed steps in the installation phase, there is a huge chance that the construction net system would not perform as it should. 

4. Maintain a debris-free safety net

After successfully installing the construction nets, regular check-ups and inspections from experts should be done. Even if safety nets are not being utilized—which is really everyone’s goal, it should still be cleaned and made free from any debris. Dirt and debris can accumulate on nets especially after a series of bad weather conditions; this may cause the nets to become heavy and eventually start to deteriorate. Once construction nets have already accumulated a lot of debris, it may soon fail in keeping the people in the worksite safe. 

5. Care for uninstalled nets

Even when the nets are still not being installed, it is important to store it in a safe and clean place that is optimal for nets storage. Materials used in making construction nets need to be maintained in a proper place to avoid quality deterioration. By even dragging safety nets across the ground, you can already cause damage to it so treat all safety equipment carefully, as if it is a fragile material.

A construction net system should be present in every construction project so equipping your worksite with reliable, top-quality safety nets is essential. We at Philippine Ranging Nets offer various types of construction nets that you can use in keeping your area and people protected from potential risks. To check out our list of safety net products, browse our product catalog and start your next construction project with peace of mind.

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