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6 Tips for a Successful Construction Net Installation

Despite the pandemic, there is still a huge demand for construction works across the country; this means that more people are at risk for accidental injuries and deaths due to lack of safety precautions in project sites. To minimize this, safety standards should always be observed so that no fatalities will be recorded. No matter how big or small the construction project is, the practice of safety equipment like safety net use is very important. Unfortunate accidents are inevitable and it can happen whenever, wherever. By securing the site where construction takes place, you can reduce the risks greatly. 

A very important equipment used in construction to maintain and manage safety standards is construction nets. Safety nets are part of a fall arrest system that is needed in every worksite. Since construction holds a lot of risks, it is the duty of the construction firm or the safety officers to secure all areas that are potential risks to a person’s health and safety. Knowing how to effectively and efficiently install safety nets into their proper locations will save you wasted time, effort, and money. Construction nets need to be placed properly during the installation phase in order to avoid future issues and mishaps.

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Now that you know why construction nets play a major role in every construction project’s safety system, it’s time for you to get a good grip on the proper installation of this safety equipment. To successfully install a safety net, there are things to consider. Here are 6 construction net tips that you can read about before starting with the installation process:

1. Get to Know Your Safety Nets

Before you start installing the safety nets in place, make sure that you know where it came from, what brand it is, and how long it has been stocked in storage. Safety nets should be in their best quality and state before installation. If the construction nets have been sitting in storage, you will have to check for possible quality loss or deterioration. Knowing which supplier the safety nets came from is also important. One way of ensuring a safety net’s quality is through material validation so try to get in touch with the supplier to see what type of materials are used and if the current state of the nets is still safe and reliable.

2. Replace Construction Nets that have already caught a person

replace Construction Nets that have already caught a person

Construction nets are a wear and tear safety tool. If the safety nets installed have already caught a fallen person or heavy object, you cannot continue to use them anymore. Safety nets have a breaking force limit so once the limit has been met, the construction nets won’t be able to be effective protection from potential risks anymore. Construction net tips should be followed before installation to avoid wasted efforts since the process of installing nets can be quite tedious. Damaged construction nets can be tricky to tell but focus your attention on the meshes, border rope, and thimble loop so you can carefully check if there are any defects. Faulty nets can only be reused or repaired by the manufacturer itself or other experts in the field. Without a go signal from these experts, a used construction net should be immediately kept away.

3. Know where to place the safety nets

Safety nets can be used in various areas of a site location. Since the primary purpose of nets is to catch falling people, it should always be placed in areas with a safe distance from hard or sharp objects. Before installing the safety nets, safety clearances and fall heights should be thoroughly checked and followed. 

4. Label the safety nets

Label the safety nets

In a single worksite, there are multiple safety nets that need to be installed. Since each net has different measurements and capacities, every net should be completely labeled especially since construction nets can look almost identical with each other. In the label, the following should be seen: manufacturer, date of manufacture, mesh size, net type, item number, minimum energy absorption capacity, and test number or certification. 

5. Use the right anchoring methods when guard railing

There are various types of anchoring methods that you can use when installing a construction net. A good construction net tip is to choose the right approach for the situation at hand. For instance, there are strap fasteners that you can use for easy yet safe installation of nets to guardrails. You can also opt to mount the safety nets directly to a supporting structure like a scaffolding tube. Mesh by mesh, you can install the nets properly and safely.

6. Do a regular inspection and maintenance

Do a regular inspection and maintenance

These construction net tips can guarantee you a safe installation but the process doesn’t end there. Maintaining your safety nets is very important as it is prone to a lot of risks and potential damage. Lives are at stake with your fall arrest system so it is essential to follow correct maintenance and ensure that a regular inspection is being made. To avoid faulty nets that lead to unexpected accidents, make sure to be thorough with the installation, inspection, and maintenance. 

Safety nets are a huge part of a construction’s safety system. Without construction nets, the lives of the workers will be at great risk. There are a lot of construction net tips that you can read on and follow so you can gain lots of knowledge on the matter. Safety nets installation should also be checked by experts to ensure that the safety standards are being enforced. 

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