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Best Construction Nets Tips To Maintain Safety And Security

Constructing buildings and establishments is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and manpower to be finished. This type of work also involves working with a lot of heavy and sharp materials, therefore putting the safety of workers at risk. This is why it’s very important to ensure that safety measures are being done to avoid any freak accidents or injuries from happening. 

One of the things needed to maintain safety in construction is safety nets. Safety nets are a part of a fall protection program which is very vital in workplaces that have a risk of falling. Construction sites involve workers operating from a great height or concrete and debris falling therefore steady and reliable safety nets must be installed for their protection. 

In this article, we’ll be giving tips on how to maintain safety nets in the best possible ways. 

Tips for maintaining a good safety net system for construction sites:

construction nets tips for maintaining a good safety net system

The safety of the workers and everybody involved in the construction site depends on the quality and stability of the nets used. It’s very essential to check and maintain construction nets from time to time to make sure that it’s still capable of serving its purpose. 

To properly maintain the safety net system, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. Do not use safety nets that are damaged or those that have impairments. Safety nets may be damaged if:

  • Exposed to UV rays
  • Wrecked by sharp objects 
  • Exposed to intense heat 
  • Worn or torn from previous heavy loads or impact

Conduct visual inspections

Conduct visual inspections

It is recommended by the manufacturer and mandated by law to check the status of the safety nets daily. By visually inspecting it from time to time, you can easily determine if there’s anything wrong with it and therefore come up with a probable solution. Here are the factors you should be checking: 

  • Correct installation of the safety nets
  • Cuts, abrasions, or any other forms of damages
  • Debris or other equipment that has fallen on the net
  • Damages due to stitching 
  • Deformed fittings
  • Other signs of deterioration 

Test the safety nets regularly 

Test the safety nets regularly

Other than conducting a regular visual inspection of the safety nets, testing them is also a must. By doing so you will be able to confirm whether or not the safety nets are stable and reliable. This is to avoid any surprise complications soon. 

Testing of the safety net system includes:

  • Upon installation of the safety net
  • Before the work shift
  • A supervisor or an authorized personnel to oversee the testing every before use of the safety net
  • After the occurrence of a harsh weather condition

Keep in mind that the visual inspections and checking must be conducted by a specialist or professional in the industry of construction nets. Always keep the records of the inspections and tests done on the safety nets, including the repairments or replacements. This is for you to have a reference anytime anything happens with the material. 

Maintaining safety nets is an important responsibility, especially in construction workplaces. Safety nets are there to protect the workers from harm or accidents so always make sure that they’re capable enough to do the job. Purchasing high-quality construction nets are one thing but properly maintaining them is what will ensure its reliability. 

Best Construction Nets Tips To Maintain Safety And Security

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