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Free Range Nets and Other Ways to Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Safe From Predators

There’s really not much in raising free-range chicken if you know what you’re doing. Setting up your free range nets for your bakuran, stocking up on the right tools, materials, and medicine, and brushing up on the proper care for your eggs and hens are really all you need to know. That and of course, how to protect them from other wild animals that can strike anywhere, anytime.

Most chicken breeders probably know how the Alamat Ng Tandang goes but nonetheless, here’s a short summary:

Inatasan ni Sidapa, Bathala ng Digmaan, ang isa sa kanyang mga sundalo upang gisingin sya tuwing bukang-liwayway para masimulan ng Bathala ang kanyang mga alituntunin. Sa kasamaang palad, nalasing ang sundalo noong nakaraang gabi at hindi nagising si Sidapa na makakapigil sana sa isang madugong digmaan sa pagitan ng dalawang mag-kaaway na tribo. Bilang parusa, lumiit ang sundalo, nagkabalahibo sa buo nyang katawan, naging pakpak ang mga braso, nagkaroon ng tahid ang mga paa, at napalitan ang boses ng tilaok. Simula noon, sa hudyat ng panibagong araw, tumitilaok ang sundalo na syang naging kauna-unahang tandang.     

While the legend tells us that our fluffy, feathered friends crow to welcome the dawn, chickens in your free-range area might crow for a different reason. Sometimes, crowing also alerts hens to seek cover from predators roaming around and to let predators know that a rooster is present to protect them. 

If you are breeding a flock of your own, knowing how to keep them healthy and safe from predators is essential to reap a handsome profit!

Keep your roosters on guard

rooster on constant guard

Like what we’ve learned from Alamat Ng Tandang, roosters are your hens’ knight and shining armor against birds of prey and other wild animals that might cause some trouble in your free-range area. Sure their crowing can be an earful at times, but if you want to keep your hens well-protected, then roosters are your safest bet. Keep them on constant guard and in place by setting up quality free range nets like the ones you get from Philippine Ranging Nets which can’t be destroyed easily by neither your roosters nor wild predators.    

One fun fact about roosters is that they are always ready to stake their lives for their ladies. So, if you’re planning to get one for your free-range area, choose some mid-sized breeds to get the job done. 


Siguraduhing magandang klase ng pang-breed ang tandang na bibilihin tulad ng Rhode Island Red o Barred Rock na parehong nasa katamtamang laki lamang.  

Make use of your old CDs

CDs hanging from trees

After you’ve worn out those Classic OPM CDs of yours, don’t throw them away just yet as you can use them to ward off birds of prey from your free-range area if you don’t have the proper shade nets installed. 

Simply hang your unused CDs on nearby trees or posts and leave them there. The sun’s reflection deters predators of flight from your free-range area and keeps them away. You may also use similar reflective items like aluminum cans tin foil, or metallic wrapping paper. 


Gumamit ng kahit anong reflective material pwera lang salamin. Maaring makapag-simula ng sunog ang salamin kapag nasikatan ito ng araw at nainitan ang tuyong damuhan.  

Try electric fences

electric fence

If your free range area is near some wild and wooded areas, one thing that can keep predators at bay are electric fences. Now before you bring out your calculator, installing one for your free range area is really not that expensive even for larger enclosures. 

Just make sure your chickens can’t fly off the fence by clipping their wings so you can easily contain them. Other materials you might need for your electric fence are posts, insulators, electric wires, ground rods, and voltage testers. Set the electric charge by using an AC/plug-in charger to effectively deter predators and keep your chickens within the free range area.


Gumamit ng electric fence sa mas malaking free range area at siguraguhing hindi nauubusan ng pagkain at tubig ang mga manok para maiwasan itong tumakas o makuryente. Para sa maliit na free-range area, mas akma ang range nets para maprotektahan ang mga ito sa ibang hayop.

Make safety shelters available

80% shade nets are reliable free range nets

One inexpensive way to keep your free range chickens protected is by making a DIY safety shelter using a huge 55 gallon plastic drum cut lengthwise. Sometimes, birds of prey can be stubborn and will go at your chickens no matter what so they’ll need some quick cover to keep themselves safe. 

However, no other safety shelter is more reliable when free ranging than using 80% shade nets. These nylon nets are too tough for any bird of prey to penetrate into plus it gives your chickens protection from the sun’s heat and good visibility for when it’s safer to come out. 


Siguraduhing may tamang hangin na nakakapasok sa mga chicken shelters at may proper insulation sa loob nito para sa tamang proteksyon.

free range nets

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