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Garden Nets, An Easy Yet Effective Fix Against Animal Pests

You know how it’s all fun and games until everything you’ve worked hard for is ruined? That’s gardening life. Growing plants is an exciting journey for anyone who’s into gardening but it can sometimes be stressful too. Especially now that plants are more than welcome in people’s homes, the plantitos and halamoms out there can’t seem to get their hands off of their gardens. And because everyone’s biggest fear is to wake up and see their plants all messed up, smart solutions have been invented so you’d never have to face your worst nightmare—ever.

Unwanted animal visit is probably the most frustrating problem one can encounter in their garden. Since plants take time, effort, and resources to grow, a destroyed garden is indeed a snag. Animal pests are common hazards so garden protection is necessary to prevent damage from occurring. A longstanding yet effective solution is through the use of garden nets. 

Though garden protection is all about securing plants, there are lots of other factors to consider when choosing which materials to use as protection: affordability, efficiency, and quality. An easy and effective fix is garden netting; not only does installation of garden nets good in keeping away pests but it is also practical and safe for both your plants and the animals. Here’s why garden netting is important in keeping your plants protected from animal pests:

Impedes Common Garden Pests

Garden nets is an effective protection against rabbits, moles, rats, skunks, raccoons, and other animals

The most common ones are usually the hardest to get rid of. Rabbits, moles, rats, skunks, raccoons, and other animals are frequent visitors of gardens so keeping them away from your plants can seem challenging. Philippine Ranging Nets have top-grade garden nets that will definitely protect your plants from the small ones like moles and rats, to the bigger ones like rabbits who love to chew on leafy crops. Extending the placement of the nets even lower than the ground secures the area more since it prevents animal pests from burrowing through the soil and into the inside of your garden beds. 

Effective Even Against Large Animals

rabbit eating crops

If you’re growing crops on a farm, you may find pest infestation as a common occurrence in your area. Controlling small to medium-sized animals is easier since crop protection products can be used but what if you’re dealing with animals in wildlife that are much larger than caterpillars and rabbits? Pesticides may not be an ideal option for shooing away larger pests like deers. Deers target gardens with clusters of vegetable growth so it’s important that you place garden nets all over your plants.

There are different ways to set up your garden protection. When attaching garden nets, make sure to choose the suitable net for your space. Some plants require extreme sunlight but others thrive in lowlight so make sure that the garden nets you’ll purchase are of good quality and have shade variations.

Makes Your Garden Pet-friendly 

using garden nets make your garden more pet-friendly

Undomesticated animals aren’t the only visitors you’ll have in your garden. Most of the time, your pets will try to wander in your backyard and will most likely end up messing everything around. Keeping them away from your garden space is close to impossible so the best thing to do is to prevent possible destruction. If your area is huge, consider setting up a greenhouse. Garden nets in greenhouses effectively halts animals from infesting your greeneries. Since greenhouses are fully-covered with nets, the protection is much higher. Birds, pets, and even wild animals won’t be able to access your crops since all sides are covered.

For those with garden beds, garden netting is also perfect. Once the nets are placed, you can freely let your pets roam around your garden as you have already secured the plants. On some occasions, plants may also cause adverse reactions on your pets so doing this not only protects your plants from destroyance but it also prevents your pet from catching plant-induced diseases.

Net Fences Provide Both Temporary and Permanent Protection

Garden nets are the best mesh to use when building fences for your crops

If you’re hesitant to build a greenhouse or maybe you’re having second-thoughts on installing fully-covered garden beds, you might opt to do fences instead. Garden nets are the best mesh to use when building fences for your crops. With garden nets, you can customize the height and length of your fence according to how you want it to be. For a temporary solution, build a garden net fence that is collapsible and easy to rebuild. However, if you’re looking to put up a more permanent fix, consider using sturdy and heavier materials for your fence’s foundation.

Securing your garden against unwelcome guests from animals is not that hard. With the right knowledge and materials, garden protection will be so much easier. No matter what type of fence or greenhouse you’re planning to build, as long your garden nets are of good quality, your garden protection project will surely be effective.

Eradication of animal pests is highly discouraged and mostly prohibited in many areas so the use of garden nets as pest prevention is your best plan of action. Those who are into horticulture consider garden netting as the most effective way of preserving their crops without breaking the bank. Strategically placing the nets around your garden will increase its efficacy.

Philippine Ranging Nets

Garden netting is indeed an easy and affordable fix. Start your garden protection project now and shop from Philippine Ranging Nets’ wide range of products. For more informative articles about garden netting, check out our blogs.

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