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Your Farming Guide For Free-range Gamefowls

If you’re a newcomer in the world of managing a free-range farm of gamefowls or manok pangsabong, first of all, you should understand that raising gamefowls isn’t like raising regular chickens. Gamefowls need the right kind of environment and care to grow strong and healthy in order to be strong contenders in fights.

In this article, we’ll delve into the basic elements of a free-range farm you should familiarize yourself with. This guide will give you an idea on how to raise the best game fowls you can.

Game fowls need their space.

Game fowls need their space.

You need a space of at least 600 sqm for a good range area for your gamefowls. Each chicken should have at least 20 sqm all to himself so he can enjoy the exercise he needs to develop the skills to be a competitive gamefowl. 

In a small coop, chickens won’t have the freedom they need to develop natural reflexes, stamina and the like. Chickens with more space to roam around in are less stressed out, making them healthier and happier animals. 

Game fowls need the right nutrients.

There’s a reason why game fowls have special feed. It’s because these types of food help them grow into the size you intend them to grow into. It’s important to mix artificial and natural food sources so your game fowls can benefit from both sources.

Aside from food, game fowls need access to water as well. This is so they can remain hydrated throughout the day. This also helps you maintain the cleanliness of their living area.

free-range farms need to have the right ground cover

Game fowls need the right ground cover.

While you should invest in the right feed for your gamefowls to grow healthy and strong, it’s important they have access to grass as well. This provides them with a secondary source of food. The insects in the area will help them get the protein they need as well. 

Hence, you should give your gamefowls some freedom when it comes to their diet plan as well. By allowing them to hunt insects, they learn how to peck at live animals. This will be useful once they’re competing. 

Game fowls need access to trees. 

It would be ideal if your game fowls have access to trees. This gives them a shaded area to retreat to when it’s too hot. At the same time, it can be an area for them to play or simply roam about.

Trees are also useful when it’s raining, as it provides chickens some respite from the wind. Climbing trees requires game fowls to flap their wings, so that’s a plus as well. 

Game fowls need a well-maintained free-range farm

Game fowls need a well-maintained range area.

This means it’s important you keep their living areas clean, and free from chicken poop. They might confuse poop as food, which can cause them to get sick. That’s why it’s important you monitor their area to ensure it’s well maintained.

This also entails that only authorized personnel have access to the game fowls’ living area. This is to ensure their safety, and of course, to make sure nobody gets hurt. 

Raising game fowls is an investment, and that’s why those engaged in free-range farming should purchase excellent quality materials to best take care of the chickens. Philippine Ranging Nets is your partner in building durable range areas so they can grow up to their potential.

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