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Here’s How Philippine Ranging Nets Makes Healthier and Happier Chickens

These days, anyone who has a big enough backyard in their property can raise free-range chickens with the use of top quality poultry fencing and shade nets from Philippine Ranging Nets. From the makers of world-class range nets that keep your chickens safe from harmful toxins, disease-carrying insects, and other wild animals while allowing them to roam freely to be a healthier brood, here’s everything you need to know about shade nets for some efficient free-range husbandry.

The importance of shade nets

Philippine Ranging Nets' shade net

Similar to how crop farmers grow their fruits and vegetables with the use of shade nets, free-range chickens also need protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Reduced temperatures are essential in growing chickens to avoid them from being sick and dehydrated. These light, flexible, and stress-resistant nets also serve as protection from other farms, domestic, or wild animals and can stand time so that you save more money! 

According to one study in Brazil about poultry science, what these shade nets give chickens are better breathing conditions, better weight in both grower and finisher stages. This means that by placing a shade net covering 60% of a free-range area can improve the chickens’ environment conditions that can give them better comfort, increase their energy, and of course, the production of eggs.

These shade nets are so easy to install and Philippine Ranging Nets can accommodate any area from the standard minimum of six to eight square meters of the shaded area to larger ones. 

Preventing chicken heat stress with shade nets

Shade nets preventing chicken heat stress

Did you know that chickens can also suffer from heat stress or even a stroke? 

The most common signs you’ll know that your chickens are suffering from heat include labored breathing, pale combs or wattles, diarrhea, frequent exhaustion, convulsions, and when they lift their wings frequently away from their bodies. That is why shade nets are essential when you are raising free-range chickens.

When you set up a shade net area, make sure that misters and wading pools are also available to let your broiler chickens (which are the most affected by dehydration) beat the heat. Always remember that a chicken’s normal body temperature should be 40 to 41 degrees Celsius and if a hot day reaches 30 degrees, then they might be in danger of having a stroke.


Alam ng mga mahuhusay na breeder (nasa commercial poultry man o breeder ng mga panabong),  na kailangan ang shade nets para makapag-alaga ng malulusog na mga manok. 

Ang Philippine Ranging Nets ay ang pangunahing brand na nagtitinda ng top-quality ranging nets para sa free-range husbandry. Ang mga produktong ito ay kailangan upang maiwasan ang pagtakas ng mga manok habang gumagala ang mga ito sa labas, mabigyan sila ng tamang lilim, at upang maprotektahan sila sa mga lamok na nagdudulot ng sakit na tulad ng “Newcastle Disease” o “Fowl Pox”.

Alamin pa ang mga world-class na produkto mula sa Philippine Ranging Nets at umasa sa mabilis na transaksyon. Magpadala na ng mensahe sa [email protected] o tawagan ang +63977 007 0228.

Philippine Ranging Nets provide Filipino-made multi-purpose nets mainly used for free ranging chickens and other poultry. Trusted by top-breeders, PRN’s top quality affordable ranging nets are available nationwide.