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Know Your Facts About the Benefits of Free-range Chicken

FACT #1: Ang manok na malaya ay mas mabenta at mas masustansya!

Today’s modern poultry farmers know this very well and slowly but surely, most people who buy chicken meat and eggs in the market are switching to a healthier way to raise chickens for that delicious tinola through free-ranging! 

What are free-range chickens?

Free range chickens at feeding time

FACT #2: Marami man ang paraan ng pagpapalaki ng manok, isa ang free-range sa pinakamaganda.

Chickens that are allowed to have access outdoors so they can freely forage for food and do some free movements under the sun or shade are what we call free-range chickens. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), any chicken that can walk freely in an outdoor area for a time during the day is considered free-range. Farmers who prefer to grow their poultry free-range use strong and long-lasting nets that serve as fences to keep their chickens safe outdoors for longer periods of time. 

The next time you go to the market or grocery store, be sure to check for labels that will tell you your purchased chicken or eggs are grown free-range or have the ‘Animal Welfare Approved’ seal. Better yet, buy directly from your friendly neighborhood farmer if you know one!

What are the health benefits of eating free-range chickens?

Free range chickens have lots of health benefits

FACT #3: Kahit anong alaga, mas masustansya pag laking free-range. 

Similar to how some farmers grow cows in fields and pastures, free-range chicken husbandry allows hens to roam outdoors for a certain time of day so they can hunt for their own food, free them from being caged for most of their lifetime, and simply have the chance to live naturally.

The benefits of growing poultry in a free-range environment are numerous not only for the chickens but for the consumer as well. Free-range chickens can give us higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, more protein, promote better hormonal balance, have lesser fat in the meat, plus they taste better!

Is free-ranging really better for chickens?

FACT #4: Ang masayang manok ay mas malusog at malayo sa sakit.

Aside from giving chickens a better quality of life, free-ranging also allows them to have better feather conditioning, avoid restrictive behaviors that can develop from being confined too much, and well-protected from toxins, insects, and other harmful factors.   

No high-tech gadgets are needed in raising free-range chickens, as farmers only need few and simple items like high-quality free-range nets, water stations, proper immunizations and medicine, and that good old good chicken care. 

How do you set up a free-range farm or backyard?

FACT #4: Ang subok at matibay na free-range nets ay kailangan para sa maayos na pagaalaga ng mga manok

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, free-range chickens can also help farmers maintain a better farm with better landscape, reduce garden pests, and give you good fertilizer for the soil. It also saves them on chicken-feed costs, makes eggs more nutrient-dense, has better weight for organic chickens, and lesser pests around the farm or backyard.

By simply yarding up your chickens with good fencing instead of caging them up all day, they can move around freely while you have control of their activities. The best thing about free-ranging is that there are always quality providers around who can provide you with the tools you need to keep your chickens well-protected such as Philippine Ranging Nets

free range chicken

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