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Legally Participating on Online Sabong

It’s interesting how sabong or cockfighting has been around in the country for thousands of years. To this day, this sport has remained a legal and formidable institution in the Philippines. In the past decade, however, the sport has enjoyed a digital upgrade.

Yes, cockfighting has gone digital. Now, people can engage in what is called online sabong. The general principle of online sabong remains the same. Essentially, the fight involves two roosters placed in the middle of the arena. The rooster favored winning because of its form or breed is called the ‘Ilamado.’ Meanwhile, the underdog of the match is called the ‘dejado.’


In online sabong, the matches are broadcasted online. Bets are also placed digitally, which makes it easier to regulate and control. If you’re interested in engaging in online sabong, it’s important you place your bets on trustworthy sites only. Here are some popular online betting sites you can explore:

  1. The number one online sabong site in the country, this website live streams matches every day, all day. You can play on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This website provides safe and secure cash-in/cash-out options, meaning your money will be placed in good hands. 
  1. Online Sabong Today. This website allows bettors to enjoy live cockfights using their mobile phones. All you need to do is fill up a few details, wait for the approval and you’re good to win. The operators of this website are online all the time, which means their approval process is very fast. At the same time, they process your cash in and cash out transactions in a speedy manner.
In online sabong, the matches are broadcasted online.
  1. Sabong International PH. Through this platform, you can watch matches live on your phones, tablets, or computers. They also have an online community that unites cockfighting enthusiasts from across the country. 
  1. This website broadcasts live cockfighting matches from the Philippines that people can access anywhere in the world, on any device. It takes only three easy steps to join, which is why more and more people are joining in on the fun. 

Because the world of online sabong provides a lot of lucrative opportunities, it’s important you entrust your money with legal betting platforms only. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR is in charge of regulating online sabong platforms. It’s best you check if the website you’re looking at is licensed before you show them the money. 

Online sabong has become so popular that lawmakers have even proposed E-Sabong Bill or House Bill 8065. The goal of this law is to levy a 5 percent tax on electronic cockfights in the country. Once approved, the proceeds from the taxes are intended to increase government funds for its COVID-19 response.

Raising strong gamefowls

You can also make a lot of money by raising gamefowls that are fit to fight in the arena.

The money in sabong, whether traditional or online, doesn’t just lie in betting though. You can also make a lot of money by raising gamefowls that are fit to fight in the arena. In order to raise strong gamefowls, you need to place them in the right environment.

Strong and healthy gamefowls are free to roam on their own, so they engage in natural chicken behaviors. For you to let your gamefowls enjoy some freedom and protect them at the same time, you need to invest in excellent quality chicken nets.


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