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Raised Bed Garden Ideas for Your Garden

Raised bed gardens are one of the most enjoyable types of planter that you can do for your greeneries. Since the frames for your raised beds are highly-customizable, you can express your simplicity or creativity through this style of gardening. Aside from aesthetic purposes, opting to grow your plants in a raised bed has many benefits for you and your plants.

Gardening in a raised bed means you’re not planting directly on the terrain; this involves raising soil to a level that is higher than the ground. Raised beds have enclosures that will help put the soil in place. Most of the time, bed frames for this are custom-made since the area for gardening varies according to the available space. Planters like this allow you to modify your own frame so you can match it with your needs as well as your design preferences.

Growing plants in raised beds have many pros—functionality-wise. It improves the drainage of the soil and helps minimize the proliferation of weeds and grass. Raised beds provide a better growing environment for your plants making it less prone to damage. Having this type of garden also saves you from backache since you will be spending a lot of your time caring for your plants especially in its early stages. Here are some amazing design ideas to help you kickstart your bed garden project:

Garden bed that doubles as a bench

You can create a landscape-like garden bed for your plants by incorporating a seating area around the frame. A raised garden bed can also serve as an outdoor bench if you choose to add an extra space around all sides of your raised bed’s frame. A great material that would match this style is bricks; the use of bricks exudes a farmhouse vibe that is perfect for your outdoor garden area. You can choose from the wide variety of available bricks: sun-dried, burnt clay, concrete, sand lime, and a lot more. If you go for a bed frame with a built-in bench, your garden can double as a cozy patio space. This way, your garden will seem more welcoming to guests and other family members.

Square-Divided Bed

Square-Divided Bed

A square-divided raised bed is perfect for gardeners who are growing various types of crops so this kind of raised bed is best for those who have a vegetable garden or a farm business. In this style of garden bed, the planter is divided into equal squares with each square usually measuring about 1 foot. A square-divided garden bed design allows you to carefully grow and monitor each crop since you can easily control the environment of each of your vegetables. Raising the frame to at least 6 inches above the ground is already enough but you can choose to make it higher depending on your preference. Installing a garden net on your raised bed will protect the crops from harsh sunlight; just make sure to place net framings during the building process of your bed garden.

Housed Garden Bed 

A housed garden bed is a raised planter in a spacious shell. The design for your housed garden bed is customizable according to the materials you want to use, as well as the architectural plan for its roof and walls. This bed style is usually placed at a much higher level, at least 2 feet above the ground, then finished off with a roofing that will effectively ‘house’ your greens —it can be made with garden nets, wood, or acrylic materials. Plants that are heat-sensitive are best placed in housed bed gardens since it provides a good shading environment. A housed raised bed can be a bit bulky so this design is good for huge outdoor spaces. 

The Cozy Bed Garden

The Cozy Bed Garden

A staged bed garden exudes a cozy vibe since it is usually part of a landscaping plan. This design is aesthetically pleasing as it resembles the contemporary design in backyard gardening. This type of bed garden usually complements wood. Some gardeners with this bed frame like to put a touch of Japanese heritage by incorporating Japan-inspired design styles. Green leafy plants and bushes will look absolutely stunning in this bed garden especially if you want to have that ‘outdoor chill’ vibe.

Raised Bed From Recycled Materials

You can also build a bed garden using recycled materials. Not only will this benefit the environment but it will be cost-efficient on your end. Some things that you can recycle for your raised garden bed project are large plastic containers, wooden crates, and even hollow blocks. Concrete blocks make grate frames for your bed garden since there will be little to no effort in repurposing this material. Just place the blocks on your garden space and fill it up with soil. Since these blocks already have openings, it’s easier for you to start planting. You can also be creative with how you want the blocks to look like. Painting it with different shades will make it look more fun and colorful while applying a single color will give it a monochromatic yet elegant personality.

Tiered Bed Garden

Tiered Bed Garden

Another popular design favorite when it comes to bed gardens is the tiered-style. This type of gardening is a space-saver since you are efficiently using the space of your planting area vertically. You can either make a huge tiered garden bed or build several small ones. A bed garden that looks like a fountain is a crowd’s favorite. If you have a small garden area, this raised bed is the one for you. 

Bed gardens are both visually-striking and practical. If you are in the agribusiness, pick a design that suits your gardening habits. But whatever style you go with, it’s always important to protect your plants from possible harm. Garden netting your raised bed effectively alleviates harmful factors such as harsh sunlight, garden pests, and even extreme weather events. 

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