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The Benefits of Using Range Nets in Free Range Poultry

The experts have it! Raising your chickens on net-fenced free-range spaces offers more good to your brood than when you raise them in enclosed coops. The news has it too if you were able to follow the unfortunate event in Laguna where 43,000 chickens died due to heatstroke! 😱😱😱 

Free-range poultry is really the ideal way to raise chickens because these birds are smart and they know what’s good for them or otherwise. They can forage for food when left to roam in open spaces and they grow healthier as well. One thing that’s beyond their control though is setting up a form of protection from other wild animals, and just how large an area they can really move around. That’s why quality range nets are essential when you go free ranging!    

To know more on the benefits of how these range nets can offer not only your chickens but as well as your business some benefits, here are a few:

1. They protect your chickens

free range nets protect your chickens

Chickens that roam around in open spaces will always be prone to other predators from the outside such as askals, pusakals, and even wild boars. Setting up durable range nets as fencing can save you a lot of money that can be easily wasted away if you don’t give your chickens proper protection. Large free range poultry raisers in the US who fault to install quality range nets as fences lose millions to coyotes, raccoons, and foxes and surely you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.    

2. They set the perimeter

free range chickens can help set up perimeters

As stated earlier, chickens don’t have much control of where they can go when free ranging so you’ll have to set up perimeters with range nets to control their movement. Range nets come in height varieties depending on how large your chickens are– 4 feet nettings are good enough to prevent your birds from flying off and getting lost.

3. Chickens can enjoy more grass

chickens enjoy grass

Allowing your chickens to forage for their own food in free range spaces can be good for them as well. They certainly won’t go hungry with all the insects, grass and scattered feeds that surround them. Grass particularly benefits your chickens by giving them the organic nutrients they need to grow and fight diseases. 

4. You raise healthier birds

healthy chicken

Like us, your chickens need good daily exercise too and they can’t get by spending most of the day housed in coops. Let them run around your free range space but make sure that your installed range nets give them the proper protection from too much sunlight and provide ventilation. Your chickens want fresh air to keep themselves healthy so create for them the most comfortable environment with around a 50 to 68 degree Fahrenheit temperature which you can achieve using shade nets.

range nets

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