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Mosquito Nets Vs Pests of the Rainy Season

With mosquito nets vs pests, your plants will remain protected whether it rains or shines with the right material.

In the Philippines, the rainy season often begins in June, but it can start as early as May. Although the rain brings joy to plants and crops, it can also invite many garden pests, such as slugs, snails, aphids, and more.

But with mosquito nets vs pests, your plants will remain protected whether it rains or shines. Mosquito nets are garden nets designed with a very fine mesh size. With their small mesh openings, this garden netting can effectively safeguard your plants from the common pests of the rainy season.

Common pests of the rainy season

If you think the rain will stop pests from visiting and destroying your garden, they won’t. In fact, the rain attracts even more pests to your garden, such as the following:

Slugs and snails

mosquito nets vs pests

Although slugs and snails are slowpokes, they’re fast when it comes to making your leafy plants bald overnight. They’ll eat your lettuce, green peppers, seedlings, and young plants. If you’re not fond of using molluscicides to eliminate these voracious eaters, installing mosquito nets is a better option. With these pest nets installed, they will help prevent the entry of slugs and snails into your garden.


mosquito nets vs pests

Frogs aren’t technically garden pests. But they can also pose a problem for your garden, especially for potted plants. They love to burrow in wet potted plants to help keep their skin moist. However, the act of burrowing often damages and uproot your potted plants. To keep frogs away from your garden, install a mosquito garden netting. 


mosquito nets vs pests

Heavy rain makes most aphids fall off the ground. But if it’s only light showers, your garden will provide the perfect environment for aphids to thrive. With the combination of moisture and new plant growth, aphids will also explode in numbers. However, if you have the right mosquito garden nets, you can save your plants from these sap-suckers. 

Snout beetles

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Some species of snout beetles or weevils are active during the rainy season. Since the rain invites the growth of fungi and other microorganisms on plants, snout beetles are also attracted to settle in your garden. Aside from feeding on fungi, these bugs eat leaves, seedlings, and other plant material. To control their population, it’s better to set up mosquito nets vs pests. With the mosquito net’s tiny holes, the weevils won’t be able to get inside your garden beds.


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The rainy season can also invite rats into your garden. If rats cannot invade your home, they will naturally turn to your garden since the plants provide food and shelter from the rain. Although rats are persistent chewers, garden nets can still make it difficult for them to penetrate your garden beds.

Mosquito garden nets for your plants

mosquito nets vs pests

To prevent damage to your garden during the rainy season, it’s best to invest in mosquito nets vs pests. Philippine Ranging Nets have high-quality mosquito garden netting that can repel small insects, pests, and animals. If you want a pest-free gardening experience, order mosquito garden nets for your plants today! Enjoy freebies and shipping discounts when you purchase in bulk.