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Try This Simple Garden Netting Hack to Protect Your Plants

Anyone who has had to deal with garden netting knows that it could quite be a hassle to untangle the mess it creates in your garden. Sure they provide great protection from pests and wild animals while also giving your plants a more controlled environment for them to grow, but if there’s an easier way to maintain your garden nets it would be truly awesome. Well, then good news for you as you’re about to learn a simple and inexpensive hack by reading on!

The basics of setting up your garden netting?

basics of setting up your garden netting

Wild animals like birds usually prey on your crops leaving your plants’ leaves and shoots damaged occasionally. Garden nets are your plant’s best defense against this but setting up one maintaining them for optimum protection will definitely take some of your time.

What materials you use to set up your garden nets is important as these will determine if they are sturdy enough and secure so that winds won’t knock them off easily and make them fall on your plants, or need too much regular maintenance. 

For this, some extra tools you find lying around the house such as PVC pipes, steel staples, a couple of timber screws, pipe cutters, and quality garden nets like the ones you can buy from Philippine Ranging Nets are enough to build a sturdy cage. Of course, when it comes to your garden nets, you’ll have to consider the right color, mesh size, and shade level depending on what plant species you are growing.

The height and depth of your cages for our raised beds also matter– too low and your plants might not achieve their full growth and too high might leave more chances for your garden nets to get tangled. Be sure to allow the necessary space for your plants so they are not too cramped inside their beds and leave ample room for their full height when they have fully grown.  

Easy-to-do garden net hack for your plant beds

easy-to-do garden net hack for your plant beds

For this particular hack, you will use an 18-inch steel bracket that’s in the form of a ladder. Those thin and standard sign holders are usually produced in the same dimensions or if you can’t find one, you can ask your local hardware store to customize them for you.

Bend your steel bracket into a semi-circle to cover the whole of your garden bed and bury its edges at about four to six feet into the soil. For raised beds, you can simply put the ends of your bent steel bracket inside of the beds to keep them firm and steady.

Cut an ample size of your garden net that’s enough to cover your steel bracket frame and secure the edges with some steel staples. Make sure you stretch your garden netting outward to prevent loose areas and use a couple of thumbtacks to secure your garden net more tightly on the steel bracket frame.

When it’s harvest time again!

once your garden netting is secure and tight, you can finally grow your plants as usual

Once your garden netting is secure and tight, you can finally grow your plants as usual while regularly checking if your plants are absorbing the proper amount of sunlight through your garden nets or if they are amply hydrated throughout the day.

When it’s time for a harvest, you can easily unfasten your steel staples on one side of your garden net and gather the crops from there then fasten them back in place right after. 

This easy hack is both inexpensive and easier to do than building huge garden cages for your plant beds though they are only more ideal for smaller areas like your backyard or balcony. At any rate, your plants will still get the ample protection they need without you breaking the bank.

garden netting

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