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The What-Tos of Using Construction Nets System

A safety net system focuses on fall prevention and management. To effectively set up a system that is workable for whatever project you’re working on, you must first assess all necessary factors so you could determine what strategies should be done in order to execute a foolproof construction nets system.

Construction projects have different goals and demands. Are you looking to develop a 3-storey house or maybe you’re working on a high-rise commercial building? No matter what type of structure it is that you need to build, your priorities should include keeping everyone safe and ensuring that the client is satisfied. Satisfaction stems from a process that is worry-free and smooth-flowing. Knowing how to prevent problems that may arise during the work timeline is the key to getting amazing results.

If you’re searching for answers about the best practices on construction nets systems, you’re probably in the pre-buying process of a good safety net—that is, if you still haven’t purchased from us. Well in that case, this is the perfect blog for you. Here, we will tackle the what-tos of using safety nets. If you want to know what to do before and during usage, carry on with your reading: 

What to do before using the construction nets system?

What to do before using the construction nets system
  • PLAN. Each site is different so safety measures will differ as well. Knowing your plan of action will help you address all possible mishaps that might occur during the entire phase of development. Since the focus should be on fall protection, make sure to thoroughly assess all situations that will take place once the construction starts.
  • KNOW THE HAZARDS. Objects are more likely to fall in a worksite but this doesn’t mean that people are not prone to falling. Consider the environment of the site; are there dangerous things scattered below an unfinished story? Or maybe there are loads to be carried that may risk your workers’ lives? When you’re aware of all the hazards, you will be able to identify how you can establish an effective safety nets system. 
  • HAVE A SECOND OPTION. A construction net cannot catch a falling person entirely but it can lessen the impact, slow the fall, and prevent a fatal injury that’s waiting to happen. For areas with obvious risks, be sure to have a second option such as sturdy barriers. 
  • ENSURE THE QUALITY. Before you start relying on your construction nets system, see to it that the net quality is impeccable. Lives are at stake so it is very important that you only use tough safety nets as part of your protection plan.

What to do when using the construction nets system?

What to do when using the construction nets system
  • FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS. There are height requirements when setting up a netting system. And when it’s time to install the safety nets, make sure that the perimeter has no sharp edges so that the construction nets wouldn’t be compromised. It is also important to give an allowance below the net so when a fall occurs, the person will not hit anything solid that is placed below the catch system. 
  • DON’T FORGET TO TEST IT. A construction net system will only be effective if protocols are followed, installation is done properly, and the material used is strong enough. To ensure these, do a test drop first using objects that resemble a human’s weight so you’ll know that when anything unfortunate happens, your safety nets will be able to save a life. 
The What-Tos of Using Construction Nets System

Setting up a construction nets system correctly is crucial so you’re lucky to have come across our blog. Now for the next step, if you still haven’t partnered with us, go and shop our products—we help save lives by being a supplier of affordable yet heavy-duty safety nets.

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