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When You Should Use Chicken Nets

Whether you’re a farming newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s important you invest in the right tools to give your flock the best care possible. One essential item poultry farmers should have in their arsenals is chicken nets.

Formerly known as range nets, chicken nets help you control the space your chickens can roam around in. They also help you give them the best care possible. While you now know the value of investing in them, the question is when should you install chicken nets anyway? Well, here are instances wherein it’s imperative for you to use of chicken nets:

1. When you think it’s necessary to protect your chickens from predators

one use of chicken nets is to protect your chickens from predators

From hungry wild animals to petty thieves, there are threats that might compromise your chicken’s safety. With the use of chicken nets, you provide a protective barrier from a lot of possible threats. 

2. When you need to control where your chickens go

While it’s important to give your chickens some sense of freedom to grow to their fullest potential, it’s equally vital that you get to control the environment they’re exposed to. Through chicken nets, there’s a visible divide so while your chickens can do what they want, they can only do so within the set area of space. 

3. When you want to give chickens the best food

give chickens the best food

In order for your chickens to grow healthy, you need to invest in good food. With the use of chicken nets, you help determine what your chickens are exposed to eat. This means your chickens are fed only with the food you deem is best for them without them knowing it. 

4. When you want to raise healthy chickens

Healthy chickens are given the freedom to roam around, but at the same time, you want to protect your chickens from harm. With the help of poultry netting, you can control the space they’re allowed in. This will pave the way for healthy chickens. 

5. When you’re looking to maximize your space

use chicken nets when you’re looking to maximize your space

As a poultry farmer, your goal is to maximize the space that you have by raising as many healthy chickens as possible. Through the use of chicken nets, you can make the most of the allotted space that you have for farming. You’ll also have an easier time managing it because you know the areas that would require regular cleaning. 

The bottom line is that you should invest in chicken nets when you decide to be a good and responsible poultry farmer. They’re a necessary tool for you to control your farm, and give your chickens all that they need to grow bigger and healthier. Hence, it’s important that you invest in good quality chicken nets from Philippine Ranging Nets. 

Use of chicken nets

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