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Here’s Why Free-Ranging Is Big Business in the Philippines

What is the difference between raising chickens on the farm and free-ranging? Philippine Ranging Nets—the leading supplier of quality and inexpensive nets to top breeders in the country, answers this simple but not so familiar way of raising poultry.

Free-range vs. traditional breeding

First, let’s talk about what free-ranging really is. Free-ranging can simply be done by raising your chickens in an open field together with other farm animals that eat natural food and get essential vitamins from the sun. 

In other words: 

Ang malayang manok at mga itlog nito ay mas lulusog kumpara sa mga alagang nakakulong. 

But to be more clearer, this is how “free-range” is defined by experts. 

Ang mga manok na ‘free-range’ o ‘free-roaming’ ay hinahayaang makalabas sa bakuran o di kaya ay binibigyan ng mga bintana sa kulungan, at daanan patungo sa mas malalawak na ‘open spaces’.  

Its main difference with poultry raised in crowded and sometimes dirty hen houses in farms is that free-range chickens are able to live much healthier lives as they are free to eat organic worms, take in the benefits of sunlight, are well-protected from other wild animals, and are free of chemicals in their systems.

The free-range negosyo

Philippine Ranging Nets

In the late 1990s, more people demanded higher supplies of organic produce as a healthier food option. By then, the country’s chicken breeders started raising organic chickens to cater to bigger clients.    

One of the most popular free-range chicken farms in the country is the Batangas Free Range Chicken which started its business in 2011 by raising 1,000 native chickens, back when free-range was not yet very well-known in the country.

Today, Batangas Free Range Chicken is one of the leading suppliers of organic poultry meat and eggs to top hotels and sellers of eco-friendly produce in the Philippines. 

A large farm like Batangas Free Range Chicken that provides plots in its farm for chicken and egg production, takes good care of their poultry with top quality ranging nets and plenty of organic vegetation. Such is a very ideal place to grow chickens free-range because the ground is fertile and farmers can also augment chicken feed. Today, most chicken breeders choose this method while avoiding the use of antibiotics or growth hormones for higher retail prices in the market as compared to those grown in factory farms. 

Take it from one free-range chicken breeder who said: 

“Pag meron kang tiyaga at panahon sa tamang pag-aalaga ng manok, mas magandang klase ang magiging produkto, mas maganda ang presyo sa merkado, at mas malaki ang kita mo.”

How is free-ranging done?

Philippine Ranging Nets

“Totoong isang premium item and mga free-range na manok pero ilan lang talaga ang nakakasunod sa mga standards ng pag-alalaga ng mga ito”.

This is a very common statement among breeders who want to deliver true organic free-range chickens in the market. Unfortunately, many are still not yet grasping the concept of how free-ranging should be done.

Chicken raisers (both those who are selling for food production or cockfighting breeders), can benefit from free-ranging by giving their chickens more freedom to roam during the daytime as how they should grow naturally. Chickens should also be given the chance to gather their own food from healthy soil and as much as possible not be confined to hen houses.   

Here’s how the Philippine Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards classifies how free-range chickens should be raised:

  1. Ang buong sukat ng outdoor range ay dapat magamit ng mga manok; 
  2. Mayroong maayos na vegetation quality ang lupa; 
  3. Hindi maputik; 
  4. Malayo sa mga toxic substances tulad ng pesticides o mga pagsasakang proseso na makakasama sa mga ito; 
  5. Malaya sa mga organismong nagdadala ng sakit sa mga manok; 
  6. May tamang proteksyon at tamang lilim;
  7. May malawak na lupa (loose sand and soil substrate), na tama para sa ‘dust bathing’ 

Quality nets for free-ranging

Philippine Ranging Nets' top quality nets

More people all over the world are now choosing free-range eggs and chickens in the market because of their health benefits, giving breeders better returns in their investments by as much as Php1000 per kilogram. But not all farmers are really able to give their chickens access to bigger or more secure fields and pastures for proper free-ranging. 

The answer to this is the use of quality free-range nets that can provide a better environment for chickens so they can roost and climb even in smaller areas while keeping them safe from other wild animals. These nets come in the form of mosquito nets, shade nets, and top quality range nets.  

Philippine Ranging Nets

One of the most trusted and reliable providers of these nets in the country is the Philippine Ranging Nets which supplies a world-class and Philippine-made variety that is all intended for free-ranging and other poultry protection practices. They cater to hundreds of poultry breeders and cockfighting enthusiasts which they provide with customized net specifications to set up the perfect poultry-raising environment. 

Philippine Ranging Nets’ affordable products give free-range chickens more quality roaming by protecting them from mosquitos and other insects, proper shade from the sun, and can help breeders determine range areas by the meter along with the use of cable ties and rope. 
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