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Keep Your Chickens Safe from Pests and Predators

As a poultry farmer, you want to keep your chickens safe and healthy. That’s why you spend resources to provide shelter, food and water. Aside from these essentials, it’s vital that you also invest in your chickens’ safety.

One tool that will help safeguard your chickens’ safety is chicken nets. Formerly known as range nets, chicken nets are durable nets that basically provide a protective barrier between your chickens and the rest of your space. They’re useful in raising healthy chickens as you get to determine the resources your chickens have access to. At the same time, they’re still given the freedom to do what they want. 

How do chicken nets help keep your chickens safe? 

safety is one use of chicken nets

Through the use of chicken nets, you ward off predators such as other animals that may eat your chickens. You also keep away pests that may cause your chickens to catch illnesses. 

If your pen or coop is located in the countryside, there’s a huge chance that there are other animals in the vicinity that may cause harm to your chickens. While you can chase away these threats yourself, it’s impossible to guard your chickens every day, all day. With the use of chicken nets, you have a visible barrier from these threats. 

While it’s near impossible to prevent all kinds of illnesses your chickens may catch, with the use of chicken nets, you have some assurance that they’re not exposed to possible carriers of diseases. It’s literally a safety net against harm. 

Aside from poultry netting, there are other ways to keep your chickens safe from pests and predators. One way is to keep your roosters on guard all day. Roosters are protective of hens, and can fight off other animals that might cause harm to your chickens. They might even prevent other people from entering your coop. 

Did you know that you can use the old CD’s you have lying around to ward off predators?

CD's can help you ward off predators

Instead of throwing them away, simply hang unused CD’s on nearby posts or trees. The reflection of the sun deters predators from your chicken coop. 

You can also install an electric fence.

electric fences are commonly used for chicken farms with large enclosures

This is recommended for chicken farms with large enclosures. To help ensure that your chickens won’t just fly over them, make sure to clip their wings. This may sound like an expensive investment, but the benefits will outweigh the costs in the long run. It’s all for your chickens’ safety and wellbeing after all. 

These are some of the ways you can help keep your chickens safe from pests and predators. It’s important you buy the best products available in the market for your chickens. And when it comes to chicken nets, we at Philippine Ranging Nets are the leading experts in providing affordable yet durable chicken nets and other net products.

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