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Safety Nets 101: Your Guide To Safe Construction Net Use

Construction is almost always present in various areas across the country. Especially with the real estate industry continuously booming, there will always be an establishment that needs to be constructed. With the growing demand for home improvements, house constructions, commercial establishment constructions, and high-rise building constructions, the risk for possible injuries and even death from unwanted accidents are also constantly increasing so how do we ensure that every home will be built without encountering any hassle and safety issues? 

Because of the increased risk for accidents that are related to construction, it is important for construction firms, developers, and other people who are involved in structure-building to practice preventive measures by ensuring that all safety equipment and fall arrest systems are completely present and placed in every worksite. Construction net use is a very important aspect of a fall arrest system. By securing enough safety nets across the entire site, the impact from an impending fall may be reduced significantly. 

While everyone knows that safety is indeed a priority, not many people are aware of the important benefits that construction nets offer. By simply having safety nets around the area, risks are already reduced—death from accidental falls can be prevented and the lives of many workers can be saved. 

In this article, we are going to know more about safe construction net use and understand why it is a must-have in every project:

Purpose and Goals 

Knowing the purpose and goals of your construction net use is essential before purchasing and installing the nets.

Knowing the purpose and goals of your construction net use is essential before purchasing and installing the nets. There are different types of safety nets that can be used in a construction project such as CC, BNet, and Dry Net so having enough knowledge will help you decide which specific type of nets are best for your needs. 

The goal for every construction net use is to prevent serious injuries or even death caused by falling. Although safety nets do not entirely stop accidental falls from occurring, as a collective fall arrest system, it effectively reduces the impact of a fall. Construction nets have already saved a lot of lives of many people especially site workers and mere passers-by who are at risk of getting injured by falling debris. 

Using construction nets in every project would give all workers the protection and sense of security that they deserve. Safe construction net use should be observed at all times from pre-installation up until long-term maintenance. 

Proper Installation

Installing a safety net requires knowledge and expertise.

Installing a safety net requires knowledge and expertise. You cannot just buy a net and place it anywhere you like; there are referenced standards to follow when putting up a safety net system. 

Construction nets are designed to carry a heavy object or even a person’s weight. Safety nets deflect when it gets in contact with heavy matter so it is important to leave enough allowance underneath to avoid the person from hitting any hard surfaces. The deflective characteristic of safety nets makes it the perfect preventive equipment for every construction site. Before purchasing or installing a construction net, here some things to consider:

Material Quality

Safety nets have to be of the highest quality as people’s lives will depend on it. Nets are often installed outdoors so it is usually exposed to direct sunlight. With this, you need to ensure that the construction nets you will be getting won’t thin out or break easily after just a few days of exposure to the scorching heat of the sun. Our construction nets are highly-durable so it is good for outdoor use. 

Construction Net Use

Weight Capacity

Since the primary purpose of safety nets is to catch falling objects or persons, the weight capacity of a net should be one of the major considerations when choosing the net for your needs. Construction nets stretch when a person falls into them so knowing how much weight your nets can carry is essential.

Safety Net Size

Construction nets can be placed horizontally and vertically. For high-rise structures, safety nets are usually used to wrap as many open walls as possible to avoid falls from happening. When buying safety nets, make sure to get the right size and quantity. Before purchasing, areas, where nets will be installed, should be measured first so that the net will fit perfectly over it. 

Fall Height 

All buildings, small or tall, should practice construction net use especially if the height poses a great risk for accidental falls. Knowing the height from which potential accidents may occur is important as this will be the basis of the clearance to be implemented before setting up the nets. Clearance from under the nets and on each side are all relevant factors to consider before fixing the safety nets in place.

Thorough Testing

safety nets should be thoroughly tested first before the actual start of the project

After safety nets have been set up, they should be thoroughly tested first before the actual start of the project to ensure that everything is properly installed. In most cases, heavy objects are thrown into the net to see if they can effectively perform their function. 

Inspection and Maintenance

Since safety nets are used for long periods of time, they should be routinely inspected. Maintenance is important when it comes to safety equipment to preserve its quality and performance. 

Construction net use is indeed essential in every work area. By using top-grade safety nets, you are able to create a safe working environment for all the people in your construction project. To shop our safety nets, check out our product list.

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