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Why You Should Let Your Chickens Live in Free-Range Condition

If you’re in the business of raising chickens, one of the best decisions you can make is letting them live free-range. What does ‘free range’ mean exactly? Basically, this refers to a method of farming wherein animals are raised in open-air or are essentially free to roam around an area. This can be in your backyard or farm. 

So why should farmers opt to let chickens freely? In this article, we’ll list down reasons why more poultry farmers should make the switch, and let their chickens roam free in a controlled environment.

Free-range chickens
  1. Free range chickens get to enjoy more freedom. Because they’re not caged or tied down to a certain post or area, free-range chickens can spread their wings and do what they please. They get to engage in natural chicken behavior such as dust bathing and nesting. This also means they get some fun in the sun, and some exercise. Plus, they have better bone strength.
  1. Free range chickens have access to natural food sources. As a farmer, you want your chickens to grow up healthy and strong. By letting them roam around freely, they have access to natural food sources like grass and insects. These provide them the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow stronger and healthier. 
Free-range nets
  1. Free range chickens produce healthier meat and eggs. Because free range chickens get to exercise more than their caged counterparts, they tend to produce healthier eggs. They also get to eat naturally, so they benefit from the nutrients of their natural food sources. 
  1. Free range chickens pave the way for some savings on your end. You don’t have to spend so much money on feed, as free range chickens have access to natural food sources. This also means you don’t have to invest in steroids or other supplements to make your flock grow bigger. 
Free range chickens are treated better.
  1. Free range chickens are treated better. Most importantly, free-range chickens are treated humanely. They’re not cooped up in tight, potentially dangerous living conditions. Consumers nowadays care about how animals are treated, and knowing the poultry they purchase is free-range gives them some peace of mind that the animal was raised with dignity. 

These are only some of the reasons why it’s best to let your chickens live free-range. To ensure your free-range chickens are safe and protected at all times, it’s important you invest in free-range nets. Free range nets help you control the area wherein your chickens can roam around. At the same time, they provide a safe barrier from potential threats and predators.

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Free-range nets

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