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Top General Contractor Qualities that Filipino Clients Look for

There are several homeowners, both new and looking to start anew, who have ideas for a dream house but have no concrete action plan on how to start. This is where general contractors such as yourself typically come in.

Through this post, learn more about the most common qualities that prospective clients are looking for in general contractors they wish to work with for house construction projects in the Philippines.

Why Do We Need General Contractors for Philippine House Construction?

Why do we need general contractors for Philippine house construction?

Residential construction projects should be properly managed, but oftentimes homeowners simply lack the time and expertise in this crucial aspect. General contractors spearhead construction, both residential and commercial, and take responsibility over matters like managing costs in line with the client’s budget, working with the client to implement their home design, and ensuring proper management of the construction site.

If you’re looking to grow your construction business, it is of utmost importance to understand the traits that clients are looking for in general contractors they’d want to work with.

Ideal Qualities Of General Contractors in the Philippines

Filipino homeowners will likely ever work with very few general contractors, so it’s no surprise if they only want to work with the best.

Excellent Workmanship

While most general contractors in the Philippines are able to handle new construction and renovation projects, some have specializations or expertise in specific projects like roofing, woodworking or remodeling. If clients make it a point to do their due diligence, they will likely check completed projects that are similar to what they need in order for them to gauge the contractor’s workmanship.

If you want to land the project, make sure you put your best foot forward. Build an excellent portfolio of your previous projects that perfectly sum up your team’s skills. If possible, also enlist the help of former clients who can vouch for your firm’s performance.

Legal and Professional Standing

Clients will want to hire legitimate general contractors.  Even if the contractor comes highly recommended by their friends, they’d make sure to check for a business permit, barangay permit, or even a registration at the Department of Trade and Industry. Under Republic Act 4566, contractors are required to secure a license from the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board to be able to do business in construction in the Philippines, so make sure that you have all necessary documents in order to smoothly run your construction business. 

Good Work Ethic

No matter how talented a contractor may be, clients would prefer to work with a team with proven excellent work ethic. They will want to talk to former clients and even your workers. Make sure you treat your workers right and are always putting their and the construction site’s safety first. 

While installation of construction netting for residential projects is not common practice in construction projects in the Philippines, it is a great habit to build especially when working on multiple-story houses or apartments. Safety will always be a priority, and nothing can be more effective in minimizing risks than proper installation of a construction safety net

Be a Go-to General Contractor for Residential Projects in the Philippines

These are just some of the qualities that clients prefer in general contractors they work with. Homeowners will likely ever work with very few contractors, so it’s no surprise if they only want to work with the best. To build trust in your firm as a general contractor worth hiring, make sure you establish yourself as a legitimate business with excellent workmanship and work ethic.

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